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3D Art

Our 3D Art includes anything from 3D Models to Animations, Game Assets to 3D Artwork.


Applications is a new area for Motion. These include handy applications such as calculators or QR code scanners/creators, and even games. More info on this later!


Graphics are a big part at Motion. We create all of our own graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator and other similar tools. Our main style for graphics is a modern, clean and flat look.

Recent Works

Solving The Rubiks Cube In Blender!

We've been a little bit quite recently, this is just a fun video of us solving the rubiks cube inside Blender!

Flat Diamond Vector

The first addition of the Vectors to the Motion store and gallery. Comes with a .ai and .png format from the store.

Flat iMac Vector

The most recent work by Motion is the Flat iMac Vector. Free to download in .ai and .png format from the store.

3D Scanned Rock

3D Scanned Rock, with a high poly and low poly model. This is as good as it gets when it comes to realistic nature models!

Welcome To Motion

Motion is a 'technology generalist' company, a jack of all trades, you might say! We do anything from VFX to animating, 3D Scanning to 3D Printing, Flat Design to Games, 3D Artwork to Applications. We hope you enjoy your time here at Motion!

  • 3D Art
  • 3D Modelling
  • Animating
  • Graphics
  • Flat Design
  • Games
  • Applications
  • 3D Scanning

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